• Size, strength, gender, and age have little to no advantages at recreational level.

• Increases hand eye coordination and improves reflexes and flexibility.

• Social sport, make new friends, belong to a positive team, group or club.

• Improves cognitive function, has the potential to prevent Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

• Known as “High Speed Chess” and activates five different parts of your brain simultaneously.

• Children who play sports generally do better in school.

• You can play with the whole family, children, parents, grandparents or even great grandparents.

• Play your whole life with minimal impact on yourbody and joints.

• Non-impact sport as injuries are minimal.

• You can play indoors year round, escape the heat and cold, and play late at night.

• Table Tennis is the third fastest growing sport in the United States.

Table Tennis has the potential to prevent Alzheimer’s!

As we all know, Alzheimer’s is strongly affecting most americans 65 years and older.  Early onset is also becoming a factor starting at the age of 40.  Exercise and brain games are two of the best ways to help prevent and combat Alzheimer’s.  Table tennis played at the beginner/intermediate level increases your resting heart rate to an average of 120-180bmp.  Table tennis also activates five different parts of your brain simultaneously, known as “high speed chess.”

Here is a link for more information about how table tennis is being used to help fight Alzheimer’s…… Saef and a link to a Dr. Oz video about table tennis and Alzheimer’s…..the-secret-of-ping-pong

Here is a foundation based on spreading table tennis for Alzheimer’s….                                http://tabletennischarityfoundation.org

We are currently teaching classes at Spring Lake Village Senior Living Center, here is a  picture below!