Beginner & Intermediate Classes

We offer group  classes for beginner and intermediate players together. They begin  at 8pm and finish at 9pm on Monday’s. You will get to practice serve and serve return, and get one on one multiball training with one of our coaches.

Please rsvp for your spot in the class. There are 6 spots available every week! You may reserve all 4 classes ahead of time.

The hardest challenge every table tennis club faces is when a beginner first attends a club, they typically lose a lot, get discouraged, and never come back.  At North Bay Table Tennis Academy we are going to cater especially to these beginners.  Our beginner classes will give you a foundation to build on allowing you to progress at your own pace.  You will then be able to play along side other beginners during our open play hours and Tournaments.  From there it is up to you where you take this sport!!

1 Class $10