Upcoming Tournament information will be at the top of this page and in News & Announcements.


We host large tournaments throughout the year for all ages and abilities.  We use the Giant Round Robin Format.  You will get put in a group of 3 players, you then play each player in your group once.  The winner of the group will move to a new group (A) of players who also won their group. The runner up from each initial group will be put in a new group (B) of runners ups, and the same goes for the last place finishers of each group (C).  This ensures everyone gets to play at least 4 matches, and it also ensures you get to play people of different abilities, and similar to your ability.  There will be a prize for the winner of  each final group A, B, and C.  Everyone gets a chance to play for a prize this way.

Team Tournaments 

We will also host Team Tournaments.  The Team format is teams of 3, you play 5 matches total, 2 singles matches, 1 doubles match, and then 2 more singles matches. Each player on your team gets to play in 2 out of the 5 matches. You can sign up with a team or put your name on a list to get put on a team.

HardBat Tournaments

HardBat is the paddle most people play at home.  It has the pimpled rubber sticking out and it has NO sponge. NBTTC has some HardBat paddle to borrow. HardBat does not give an advantage to someone with a superior paddle because they are all the same.  HardBat paddles cannot create as much spin, therefore making the rallies last longer and allowing both offense and defense to thrive. For more info. on HardBat click here. There is also a great video about the history of table tennis and HardBat called Ping Pong Hustler.